Wow, what a fantastic seminar with Elvis Sinosic.  We had a range of experience levels from our ACT Head Coach BJJ Black Belt Danny Weir to people getting on the mats for the first time.

We started out with getting there early to set up the mats and found Elvis already there making an opportunity out of the benches getting some rest. Once we had moved the mats down stairs we were able to meet all the members and get rolling!

Started out with some warm up drills... hip escapes, bear crawls etc... We then commenced with half guard escapes and worked up to side control escaped with a sneaky Anaconda Choke to finish

I really want to thank Elvis for conducting the seminar and look forward to doing more in the future I want to thank Danny, Storm, Scott and Trav for heading over from CanberraCongratulations to those that started their bjj journey last night. Well done and thanks for your attendance.