Over four days of hard grading our Taekwondo team in  Patterns , Fundamental movements, Sparring, Breaks Self defence and Theory all the members were able to pass their respective grading. Congratulations. 

We also held our bi annual grading our Brazilian Jiujitsu class. Congratulations to those that were able to pass their gradings and many thanks to those that came in to help out and put up their bodies to assist. thats teamwork. We will be looking at getting Danny weir over in December for a belt promotion for those that may be ready. 6 months is a long time so try and fill it as much as possible with good training.

A big congratulations to now Boosabum Scott Hagan and Boosabum Thomas Harmer

on earning your respective Black belts. plenty of learning in front of you. you have a base to work from and now we can really start to smash it out! well done.

Well done team GMAA  

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