The annual “Gathering” of Will/Machado affiliates came together on the weekend of 8th & 9th September 2019. Our members left on the Friday morning for the long drive (8 hours of Craig singing) . After a small hiccup with accommodation and a great lunch at the “Wang” pub we arrived at Melbourne at about 5pm. after a small rest the team went and had dinner and watched a movie “Once upon a time in Hollywood” The crew then headed back to get some rest.

Saturday brought on the competition with the white belt men hitting the mats. James, Liam and Michael all performed well with Liam and Michael losing narrowly by just two points. James was able to get more matches in securing a win with a nice kimura and headed on through to the next match in his brackets just losing by two points.

Michael Weaver and Craig Harmer took to the coloured belt division in their respective divisions Blue and Brown belts masters. Michael performed well earning two gold medals. This is a super impressive feat as it is his first competition. Mike was able to enjoy a number of matches winning via points. Craig took to the mats and was able to secure double gold also on the day. This was Craig’s first comp as brown belt and was pleased he was able to get his game working with subs via armbar, forearm choke and kimura from top position.

Craig also took to the mats in the Super Fights for no-gi that he lost via guillotine. (Still so much to learn)

Great result for Goulburn coming away with four gold medals from five competitors at the Will-Machado Australasian Championships .

Saturday night meant it was time to let your hair down after weight cutting and the days events. Munich Brouhaus with a huge feed and re-hydration from the steins “Prost” after dinner the young ones went out on the town and enjoyed some pub hopping. The more responsible ones went home to get some rest for the next day.

Sunday brought some amazing insights from Master Rigan Machado on coaching and processes as well as skills and drills. Rigan is one of the most successful competitors of all time with an unbroken record of wins of over 350 and as coral belt in BJJ. Thanks so much Rigan for sharing your time knowledge with us again. It was a great opportunity for all the Black Belts, school owners and coloured belts to share the mats together, and have some fun in a non- competitive environment. This session allowed a special team photo of all the black belts and then a school owners photo.

To top the day off we were present to see our association head instructor John B Will be presented his 6th Degree. Congratulations to John for all his hard work and dedication in the art that allows us to follow in your footsteps. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants. Our success can be marked down in a huge part to the path your have forged. We were also able to see many other ranks being presented one of those was our good friend and mentor Danny Weir becoming a second degree. Massive congratulations to all those that ranked up!

Special thanks goes to Brianna for coming and being the teams photographer. Thanks goes to John and his wife Mel for organising the event. Thanks to all the staff that assisted in running the event that is so smooth and easy going.

Congratulations to all competitors and thanks for everyone at home that let us follow our passions