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10 Best Takedowns for BJJ? How many do you know?

Hi Team,

What are the best takedowns for BJJ? I  am linking an article from Stephan Kesting and the Grapple Arts website.   

Bjj Competition... Which Takedown is Best... for you? Howm many of the on the list do you know?

Bjj Competition... Which Takedown is Best... for you? Howm many of the on the list do you know?

Stephan is a life long martial artist who has trained in Judo and BJJ as well as other arts... check it out here

Along with many of his resources from apps, books and podcast to help bjj players out. Have fun team...




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The Gathering wrap up

Wow, what a weekend!  

A fun filled weekend was had in Melbourne at the Will Machado Australasian Championships. The team left on Friday the 8th September around 7pm. A total of 14 members were in convoy with exceptions of a few who flew down. 

After 8 hours in a car singing and a great meal at Wangaratta we stayed at a great house. After a meal we headed to. Ed after the day and looked forward to the competition in the morning.  

Everyone that hits the mats in competition did amazingly well. Some for the first time competing and others first competing in new ranks. after some amazing matches at the end of the day the team ended up with the following.

Craig - 1st in weight class

3rd in open

Michelle - 1st in weight class

2nd in open

Hayden - 1st in weight class

Scott cave - 2nd in weight class

3rd in open

Lou - 2nd in weight class

Sam - 3rd in weight class

Big Mike - 1st in weight class

Ben - 2nd in weight class

Tiarna - 3rd in open.

after the days events we went and had a great dinner at  /munichbrauhaus. After dinner some stayed out to see Melbourne night life and others went home to rest up for the Professor Rigan Machado seminars. Coach  Craig attended the school owners seminary that was conducted by Master Rigan Machado.  The who's who from the bjj community were there. After the school owners seminar lou and craig worked some great passing drills for the black belt and coloured belt seminar. After another 2 hours on the mats it was time to say our goodbyes and head home. Another 8 hours in the car and singing and finally we were home. Life is about sharing moments with amazing people. That is something we have in spades at team GMAA. Thanks team!



* Degree Coral Belt Rigan Machado with some of the Team


Professor rigan Machado Conducting the seminar series on Sunday.


Getting ready for battle


Victory.. Team mates Mike and Ben place 1st and 2nd.  


Black Belts and coloured belt seminar attendees


hayden going to Battle on the mats in Mens Open weight. 


30 years of Machado Jiu-jitsu in Australia. Amazing to be part of the team.