Last Weekend a number of Team GMAA Instructors and students went down to Melbourne to participate in the CHITF Australia Seminar that Was Hosted by Lai Taekwondo and RMIT Taekwondo.   

The Seminar was conducted by SGM Phap Lu with assistance from GM Robert Lai. We also had the wonderful opportunity to see SM Peggy Seely and Sabum Curtis Lu perform and assist in the two day seminar.

Over the two days we were able to go though all patterns from Chon-ji to Tong-ll with a added bonus of Ko-Dang. It was wonderful to observe and learn the a pattern that is coming back into some of the ITF governing bodies.

Members were also treated with some fantastic warm ups from GM Lai, building team work and getting the brain functioning. Sparring drills and fundamental movements were also concentrated on during the seminar.

We were treated with a wonderful spirit of Taekwondo sharing and learning  with other Masters and instructors from other bodies that demonstrated that we are all together in Taekwondo for Taekwondo.

We witnessed a Dan Promotion of Miss Lu by GM Lai  in front of the entire participants of the seminar (No Pressure) Congratulations to Miss Lu for a wonderful performance.

The masters and senior instructors were treated to some meditation and breathing exercises that no doubt will be passed on to members and benefit their lives in healing some anxiety and balancing the body.

On the Saturday evening we were able to enjoy a dinner together and continue to build on friendships over a nice meal and a few drinks.

Thank you to everyone that attended and worked so hard for the weekend to be such a success. 


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