Hey Team, 

last term our bjj crew had a huge turn out at the Machado nationals and after a great build up everyone did amazingly well.

Our TaeKwonDo crew has AAITF nationals on December 2nd... so this term we will be holding competition training during the kickboxing class structure. It will contain sparring specific skills such as ring craf etc. along with conditioning. Sparring every evening also... I would also like to have a Saturday session in the afternoon specific for sparring only. Times to be confirmed. 

All black belts are requested to attend the tournament. And also others over the age of 12 years of age...  all coloured belts are encouraged also. Along with the kickboxing classes we will also be running comp drills in TaeKwonDo to get the team ready especially for the younger kids who can’t make the later classes. 

I would love a huge turnout as the comp is in Sydney.  I am getting some frames and hoping to have some bags up for the kickboxing classes. 

Let’s book some accommodation and make a great weekend of it.  


let’s go team  

kickboxing is going to take a competition edge this term.  

kickboxing is going to take a competition edge this term.  


Amateur boxing coming soon