Hi Team,

What an amazing term we have had!

What have we done this term?

Establishing a fitness base.

This term we have looked at our approach a little different. I wanted to get the group going with some fitness and they smashed it everyone improved. I was very proud of all those that challenged themselves and attacked the fitness training with gusto! well done to everyone.

Character building

This term we looked at some take home behaviors to implement away from the academy, some of them were the following.

Keeping our shoes neat and tidy at the Academy and at home
Making our bed
Putting our clothes away
Keeping our bedroom neat and tidy
Following directions from our parents 1st time
learning about 000- Fire, Ambulance and Police and when to call them.
How to use our phones in case of an emergency
Bullying. What to do if your bullied. speaking out against those you see bullying others.

Community Service

Taking part of the Australian Day Demo. Helping celebrate Australia day with other people and showing how we conduct ourselves. well done.

Beyond Blue Bash.

We raised nearly $300 from the evening and donations to our bash page. Thank you to everyone who donated and everyone that supported the event.


We have grading starting Monday 4th April for the following.

Little Ninjas Class1 4:15 to 5:15 approx
Taek Kids and Main class From 5:15 to 6:30 and will be the same time for the rest of the week. ending Thursday.

Little Ninjas Class 2 4:15 to 5:15 Wednesday 6th April

Fees are to be paid prior to Grading and are inclusive of belt (If successful) and Certificate.

Little Ninjas$25 and TKD Main Class and Taekids $40.00

There will be no Mat Monkeys or Taekids class this week due to grading. If any Mat Monkeys would still like to train, please feel free to jump in the main BJJ class from 6:60 Monday and Wednesday.

I want to wish everyone the best of luck for the up coming grading.

All other classes as per normal.

Best Regards

Craig Harmer
Goulburn Martial Arts Academy