I want to explain some thoughts I have on our programs to clear the muddy waters for you.

Martial arts is a process, a journey that we all take and are above. wee all have a start but unlike most journeys we may take there is no end destination. Just like life we don't want to rush to the end just because that is where we are all headed. we must enjoy the journey even the rough paths...because that's when we are tested.

Imagine the programs lika a pyramid with our kids programs laying a foundation...Our process we try to foster is the following;

Our kids class are the beginning programs. these are set out in a fun manner for kids to learn the basic movements to increase their eye hand co-ordination,  mobility kids are not little adults and need to be engaged in a fun environment. Once they have completed the kids programs they continue to the main classes.

where our kids programs end our main classes start. TaeKwon-Do or Brazilian jiu-jitsu offers more advanced learning for those looking for self defence, competition or just fitness and recreation.  Both arts can be enjoyed by themselves or are a perfect compliment to each programs.

For those that want to test themselves in the top level of the pyramid    we have Mixed Martial arts, of course no one has to compete people are more than welcome to enjoy the training and continue the process.. for others the ultimate test of sports combat awaits.


see you on the journey...

Craig Harmer