It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it is an African proverb... The sentiment is great and one that I hold true. 

From parents and grandparents, teachers and sports coaches other friends and family. We all take a role when dealing with children... good or bad.

I take the role as mentor or martial arts coach very seriously. i know that people are walking through the academy door at times with anxiety, adhd, bullying issues etc.. regardless on why they are there, we are here to help.

My mission for martial arts is to assist people and develop them to become better human beings that our community can benefit from. I cant reach that goal unless everyone is on board.

I see great people at our academy and at times I burst with pride when I see others taking on the role as mentor to new or younger members. in fact sometimes the oldies need some mentoring too....

If everyone takes on the idea that we are here to help... and everyone is here to help you to.... It will be impossible to fail in your goals...  

I believe everyone at Goulburn Martial Arts Academy wants the best for each other and really that is the heart of our community. 

We are in a village,  we are raising children..... regardless of age.