It's cold, winter in Goulburn can drain all the motivation out of you. It's  discipline that keeps you going. All too easy to sit on the couch and watch telly with a hot cup of milo or playing a play station. But nothing is accomplished by sitting on the sidelines. 

When your cold and tired, it's an opportunity to develop discipline and go to training any way. When your hungry and your trying to eat healthy the temptation is strong to snack, show discipline. When you want to quit because it's getting hard, show discipline and finish what you started. Challenge yourself and accomplish your goals and you will be proud. Remember discipline is like a muscle, you need to exercise it. Persevere now and be proud of yourself later! 

Good of luck with your goals

See you you during the week. 




Some goals are to reach the black belt. But most will fail, Keep going. Mastery of the technique should be the goal. Once you have developed the ethic of mastery of oneself, you can apply that to everything you want to learn. " 


Goals of learning a technique can be fulfilling once accomplished. Then realising there is a deeper knowledge to be had in the movement. Like all things, sometimes what is on the surface is just the beginning.