Photo by ShadeON/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ShadeON/iStock / Getty Images

2018 is just around the corner!

Get your Pen, Paper and write down your Goals... stop.. don't keep reading go do it now...

Now you have done that... Lets tweak them...

Is Your Goal Specific? Measurable? Realistic? Timely?

A good goal could be to improve your AFBJJ Ranking points from last year. I placed 16th In Australia for my weight and Rank division with points of 57 . I competed in 2 AFBJJ events.

Specific= Yes

Measurable = Yes

Realistic = Yes

Timely= Yes

This will be within  a 12 month period. To be able to achieve this I need to at least compete in 2 events and place higher then I did this year. As I won two gold and a silver, that is possible.. If I double gold in two events. However in reality there are some I can't ensure Will happen I might not place at all in two events... So I should look to enter at least 6 AFBJJ to give myself the best prospects improve my points. More opportunity to compete translates to more points that I can possibly accumulate.  

This is just one example.... It could be weight loss, it could be to improve on sparring, rolling etc. what ever it is. write it down, plan it, commit to it. 

Although the goal setting is fairly easy.... 

 you must also be specific on a small goals... training, are the goals going to be met by your training? Training once a week won’t meet this goals, should some conditioning training be added.. etc etc... get your goals to me and let’s talk about how to implement them so we can achieve them!