This term along with working our technical movements we are going to work something that I believe that is important to everyone. Team work!

During my years I have observed kids, teens and adults be great team mates and at times not so great team mates. 

I have seen kids sit on the side lines because they are not one of the best kids in the team. I have seen them physically and emotionally slump and lose self esteem. Eventually destined to quit the sport.

That is the exact opposite of what I want you and all the members to experience at our academy. I want everyone engaged for each other's development. Encourage each other. Because at the end of the day with out a training partner you don't get to train. 

An example of team work I want everyone to display is if your holding the pads be enthusiastic about the drill. Or of your a grappler don't be a dead body during the movement. Give feedback.

how to spar and be a good team mate? Be aware that some people are there just for exercise. To learn and have some time out from the daily stress of day to day life. They don't need some one going world championship level on them. So how can you tell? Ask how they want to spar, meet your partner energy level with the same out put. If you start low and slow you have somewhere else to go! If you start hard and fast likely is it will end up looking like the tassie devil in a whirl wind. Remember you are there to learn not to compete. Just ask your training partner they will tell you. 

Team work is built on trust. Trust is built on small promises being kept. Sparring a much smaller partner lightly to ensure not to injure them when you hit the mats   reaffirms that trust. Having a welcoming and friendly attitude and being greatful for having a training partner also helps. 

I want you to be engaged in the learning of the person your training with. If they have that attitude and so does all the other members at a class of 20 you have 19 others looking to assist your development. If we apply the selfish approach we only have our selves.  

Get on board and be a great team player. Team GMAA






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