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Photo by MillefloreImages/iStock / Getty Images



Hi Team,

We have been asked to do a demo on Australia day.

I would love everyone to be involved. I want to set up a Marque and have some of our Pamphlets. Pull up banners on display with some equipment. I will have the laptop displaying videos etc.

But the most important thing for us is to have a demonstration team do a demo.. all members from the kids to the senior programs to display the best martial arts in town.. YOU!! Don't be shy you are what people want to see.

We will have students demonstrate the following....

Self defence. Sparring . fundamental movements, breaking, pad drills. patterns

bjj teams will demonstrate , Throws, takedowns, self defence .movements and rolling

kickboxing will do mainly pad drills and partner drills

MMA will run through drills and skills 

please email, call, text or facebook message me your intention so We can organise exactly what we are going to do, and some practice sessions.


Thanks Craig