Photo by Tijana87/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Tijana87/iStock / Getty Images

2016 is here team. I know that some of you have some goals.. getting to a comp, getting that next belt, perhaps lose a little bit of the Christmas bulge. Perhaps it is just to stay mobile enough to play with the kids. During the month of February we are going to dedicate part of our training to improving your conditioning, nutrition etc...  a more holistic approach to your training.

I want you all to succeed and achieve your goals this year! i want you to bring the following to training each night.

Pen- Writing pad-Joggers-water. 

this will start from 6:15 just  at the end of TKD training.. all members... TKD,BJJ and MMA are asked to come and do the training sessions. All members parents and family members are also invited to join at no extra charge for this period. just some fun and fitness activities for us all as a team.

  I also want to know your goals... and your plan on how to achieve them.. the difference between a goal and a dream is a plan. Don't be a dreamer, be an achiever.

lets make 2016 your bets, my best. Our best!

January will start with open practice sessions from 6-7pm as of Monday the 4th January and also Wednesday 6th January. these are open mat style and self directed learning suitable for ages 13 years and above. organize a training partner prior. There will be no instruction or supervision during these classes. You are being entrusted with the use of the facility so please remember to be respectful and be responsible at all times. Clean up after yourselves etc.


if you think any of your friends can benefit from the training. Please share the link and invite them to come and try out our class and fitness session.