What to bring?

Comfortable clothing for the season. Something that you can move in with out restrictions.

Where can I get the uniforms and sparring gear.

All Uniforms and gear is available in house at a very reasonable price. or you can purchase your own online.

Do I have to be fit?

We have people all shapes and sizes that train at the academy. Martial arts/Combat sports are very sport specific. The only way to get for for them is by doing it. Having said that... you go at your pace, if you need a break your welcome to do so. 

What should I expect?

Dont expect someone screaming at you barking orders, thats not what we do.

Expect a welcoming, friendly environment that will challenge and support you or your child. 

Do i have to compete?



Can I compete and fight?

Of course! but once you have met some benchmarks. we want to ensure your health and safety long term. martial arts is a life long journey. dont rush it. different programs require diffrent benchmarks.